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Under cover Axe throwing and Archery combo (Arathorn package)

Two Giant 8m x 4m tent provides protection from rain or sun.

The Arathorn, fit for Royalty. This is our top of the line package. Two huge 8x4 Meter tents, side by side. Flags flying high, our branded banners skirting the sides. One set up for axe throwing and the other for archery. As standard we provide 2 axe targets and two archery targets. This will accommodate up to 40 warriors. You do have the option to upgrade to 3 of each target which will accommodate up to 60 warriors. 

In the Axe tent the targets will be set up in a line at one end of the covered area. Surrounded with safety netting behind and to each side to catch any wild axes. A marked out throwing line of around 12 feet lands just over half way through the covered area. 3 different axes per target are provided. Score cards and of course a trained member of staff to help hone those skills.

For the Archery tent, again the targets are set up at the far end of the tent and the shooting line is as close to the front as possible whilst remaining under cover. Special back stop netting surrounds the area designed specifically to safely catch stray arrows. A dedicated trained instructor will provide each Archer with suitable bows, arrows, arm guards and score cards. New target faces will be supplied on the bosses. 

The banners around the base not only provide aesthetics and a physical perimeter but also help with cold crosswinds and provide extra shade when hot. Two 6m tall branded flags fly high each side of the entrance purely because we love flags and the look great. Don’t worry If its over cast or dark we will provide lighting. We can also provide background music or sound effects for a little extra atmospheric depth. 

The targets are limited to 3 per tent due to the width. However if you have massed a large Army(60+) and want the under cover package please contact us and we will do our best to meet your requirements. If weather protection is not high on your priority list then we would recommend the Aragorn package which can accommodate up to a maximum of 120 warriors.​

Axe throwing is as satisfying as it is fun. Suitable for ages 10+ all genders and abilities. It's all about technique not strength! Although we do have axes of different weights for anyone who finds our default range a little heavy. We design and build our own targets in house. Made from solid pine they are sturdy and durable, fold completely flat and all parts are easily replaceable so we can keep them in top order for all of our customers. They are heavy enough to not need anchoring down but allow just enough movement to absorb the impact of over or under rotated axes and eliminate the risk of bounce backs making them much safer for the thrower. They are set up around 12 feet from the throwing line allowing for a single rotation throw. The target face measures 90cm wide and 95cm high(total height of target including the stand is 180cm) The face features a red 4 inch bullseye and 4 x 2 inch scoring rings moving outward. Scoring default is 6 for bullseye then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 for each ring. Score cards will be provided on the day to encourage that competitive spirit as well as various games and a head 2 head knockout for the finale.

​(Note we cater for age 8 and over for the Archery but the axe throwing is 10+) 

Archery has been a part of our heritage for an age. Used for hunting and battle it proved to be a highly effective weapon. Although we don't practice this anymore(at least here in England) we do still love a bit of stick flinging. Drawing that bow, taking aim, loose the arrow and hitting that bullseye is just so satisfying and rewarding.

​The targets we use are layered foam Egertec bosses. As much as we would love to use the round straw bosses fo their aesthetics we chose to go with the foam for a few reasons, but mostly because they are far more resistant to wet weather. They are also suitable for higher(adult) and lower(junior) power bows which makes them an ideal choice for us as we cater for individuals 8 years and over, all genders and abilities. We provide new target faces for every booking and anchor down the bosses for safety. The bows we supply are ambidextrous so they are suited to RH and LH archers. We have adult size and also junior size bows. We don't use stabilisers or sights etc on our bows. Its far more fun to do it the traditional way and use our instincts to find that perfect shot. We supply various target faces for the games. Usually start with a large face with a large bullseye then gradually get smaller. This will act as if the targets are getting moved further away and also set new goals and boost that determination to get back into that gold circle. Friendly competition is always encouraged here at Axes & Arrows. 

The Arathorn package is available all year round but not suited to high winds. Please see our high winds policy for information about what would happen if there was high winds at your location on the day of the event. We would need to arrive 2hrs prior to the start time in order to set up.

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