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Open Air Axe throwing (Gimli package)

At the mercy of mother nature, no tent included

Open Air set up, named the Gimli package comprises of the targets set up in a line with safety netting behind to catch any wild axes. A marked out throwing line and 3 different axes per target. This is the simplest axe throwing package we do. Score cards, tutoring and a fantastic experience come as standard. 

2-4 targets up to a max of 40 warriors. Please contact us if you require more targets for a larger army.

Axe throwing is as satisfying as it is fun. Suitable for ages 10+ all genders and abilities. It's all about technique not strength! Although we do have axes of different weights for anyone who finds our default range a little heavy. We design and build our own targets in house. Made from solid pine they are sturdy and durable, fold completely flat and all parts are easily replaceable so we can keep them in top order for all of our customers. They are heavy enough to not need anchoring down but allow just enough movement to absorb the impact of over or under rotated axes and eliminate the risk of bounce backs making them much safer for the thrower. They are set up around 12 feet from the throwing line allowing for a single rotation throw. The target face measures 90cm wide and 95cm high(total height of target including the stand is 180cm) The face features a red 4 inch bullseye and 4 x 2 inch scoring rings moving outward. Scoring default is 6 for bullseye then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 for each ring. Score cards will be provided on the day to encourage that competitive spirit as well as various games and a head 2 head knockout for the finale. Open Air Axe throwing is available all year round but more suited to spring and summer months. We would need to arrive an hour before the start time to set up.

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