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Frequently asked questions

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I Didn’t know axe throwing was a thing in the UK, why Axe throwing?

Axe throwing has a long established history in the US and here in the UK it is rapidly becoming a loved pass time as it is great fun to do. It is considered by many to be a great stress reliever and is available to all ages and genders. You don’t need to be strong or fit. Axe throwing is all about technique. We are here to spread the word and bring this sport to you all to experience.

Is axe throwing safe to do?

Absolutely yes, our trained staff will be there every moment to ensure that all sessions are conducted in a safe and enjoyable manner. Safety is our absolute priority.

How do we make a booking?

Click here and it will take you to our quotation request form. Fill out the form with your requirements and date(s) and click submit.

We will check availability for your date and reply with your quote. 

If you are happy to proceed we will take a 20% deposit to secure your booking.

Remainder of the balance will be due 14 days prior to the event date.

I have no experience, will I be shown how to throw correctly?

We will make a warrior of you in no time! Our staff are all trained to a UK Knife, Axe & Tomahawk Throwing Association standard (KATTA) to ensure you are taught to throw correctly and safely.

What are your space requirements for your packages?

These are the minimum area size requirements for the various packages we do. Where it has two sizes the smaller is for 2 target option and the larger is for a 6 target option.
Gimli package 4x8m - 10x8m, Gloin package 6x10m - 10x10m, Legolas package 4x8 - 10x8, Thranduil package 6x10 - 10x10, Aragorn package 10x10m, Arathorn package 10x10m

What should I wear?

Clothing is entirely up to you so dress for the weather of the day. Our advice for cold days would be many thin layers rather than a bulky coat etc. Closed toe shoes are mandatory! No sandals, flip flops etc please.

Do you only have one type of axe to throw?

We currently have on offer 3 axe types but this will no doubt continue to expand over time. At present we have 600g fibreglass handle Tomahawks, 900g Hickory wood handle Tomahawks and 1000g Double sided full tang axes.

What are your age restrictions?

The minimum age for axe throwing is 10 years old. For Archery 8 years plus. Anyone taking part under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Do you have any restrictions?

Apart from the minimum age requirements and closed toe footwear we would like to mention that Axe throwing and Archery do require a certain degree of mobility. Should you have any concerns regarding this at all please contact us so we can work together to confirm the suitability of the activity. If there are safety concerns regarding an individual who wishes to participate in axe throwing and/or Archery, Axes and Arrows Ltd reserve the right to withdraw the activity from the individual. Of course we want for all to enjoy the activities but safety is paramount.

How much time do you need to set up prior to the event start time?

Approximate set up times are: Gimli package 60 mins, Gloin package 90 mins, Legolas package 60 mins, Thranduil package 90 mins, Aragorn package 90 mins, Arathorn package 120 mins

Why don't you use the trailer based solution for your axe throwing like some other companies?

The cage on a trailer we call it. It is much simpler for the provider with regards to setting up. But we believe it is a compromise for the customer. We have created our brand to give a more authentic experience. It requires a lot more time to set up but we truly believe that is worth the extra effort. We have tailored our packages to give you greater flexibility and a solution for all budgets. Aesthetically our packages look as incredible on a sports field as they do on a castle grounds. Come rain or shine our under cover packages will keep your guests protected and comfortable so they can relax and enjoy their experience.

Are you insured?

Absolutely yes! We are fully insured. Full details can be provided upon request.

Is it possible for wheelchair users to participate in your Axe throwing and/or Archery activities?

Yes absolutely. Wheelchair users are very welcome. These activities do require a certain amount of upper mobility but our services are designed to be highly accessible. We do encourage our customers to let us know of any additional requirements at the time of booking. We will always do everything we possibly can to make our activities as inclusive and accessible as possible.

What area do you cover and are there any distance charges?

We are based in Ipswich Suffolk. We will cover most of England mainland. The first 25 miles are free of charge. Beyond that we charge 30p per mile. We calculate the total milage of the return journey from IP2 to your location using google maps and minus 50 miles to get the total. 

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