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Open air Archery (Legolas package)

At the mercy of mother nature, no tent included.

Open air Archery set up named the Legolas package comprises of the targets set up in a line with high quality Archery backstop netting behind to catch any stray arrows. The shooting line will be determined by the amount of space available at your location. However we will always start at a short distance and move the targets back once we feel the Archers have honed their skills. This is the simplest Archery package we do. Bows, arrows, arm guards, score cards, new target faces and tutoring all come as standard. 

Archery has been a part of our heritage for an age. Used for hunting and battle it proved to be a highly effective weapon. Although we don't practice this anymore(at least here in England) we do still love a bit of stick flinging. Drawing that bow, taking aim, loose the arrow and hitting that bullseye is just so satisfying and rewarding. The targets we use are layered foam Egertec bosses. As much as we would love to use the round straw bosses fo their aesthetics we chose to go with the foam for a few reasons, but mostly because they are far more resistant to wet weather. They are also suitable for higher(adult) and lower(junior) power bows which makes them an ideal choice for us as we cater for individuals 8 years and over, all genders and abilities. We provide new target faces for every booking and anchor down the bosses for safety. The bows we supply are ambidextrous so they are suited to RH and LH archers. We have adult size and also junior size bows. We don't use stabilisers or sights etc on our bows. Its far more fun to do it the traditional way and use our instincts to find that perfect shot. We supply various target faces for the games. Usually start with a large face with a large bullseye then gradually get smaller. This will act as if the targets are getting moved further away and also set new goals and boost that determination to get back into that gold circle. Friendly competition is always encouraged here at Axes & Arrows. We would need to arrive 1 hour prior to the start time to set up.

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